Consulting and Advice

Working Capital / Credit Management

Because we have been there before. Because we know how to listen. Because we are proactive. Because we are fully involved, because we are aware of your needs, because we are dynamic and flexible, that is why we can offer you the advice you deserve to optimize your Cash. We are backed by our extensive experience in both implementation and review in the following areas of the Order to Cash process.

Well begun is half done. The Order to Cash process is no exception. A significant part of the non-payments originate in this phase of the process, mainly due to a poor set up of the management systems (ERP), which means that the orders are not processed on time or that shipments with merchandise are sent to the client inaccurate or missing data, which causes the consequent delay in the payment of invoices and consequent deterioration of business relationships.


In order to minimize the possible negative impact on organizations of the aforementioned, from cParnerSolutions we offer advice corresponding to the form, processing, filing and internal and external regulatory compliance of the received orders.

Proper billing (invoicing and sending) greatly contributes to ensure the receipt of payment on due date leading to the development of an excellent brand reputation. At cPartnerSolutions we help our clients in the following points related to this part of the process: Frequency, typology, automation (EDI), shipping and regulatory compliance.

As long as a sale is not collected, it only involves costs for the company. That is why it is crucially important for organizations to have perfectly designed collection procedures and strategies that allow us to  keep a healthy Cash Flow acting on a quick and efficient way in the event of a past due. These are just some of the tools that cPartnerSolutions makes available to its clients to achieve the desired goals:

  • Proactive credit risk management
  • Selection of payment method, definition of KPI`S (DSO, debt situation reports, credit limits).
  • Design  and implementation of procedures and effective recovery strategy (dunning, Credit Policies)
  • Accompaniment in the (pre) -legal phase of the recovery process. Sale of old debt to external agents.

Design and implementation of tools aimed at automating the process and minimizing errors. Efficient documentation archive.


Solid, agile, precise and efficient O2C procedures that will save time and costs.